Peaceful Disconnect

It’s been a while since I’ve updated… and I’m not going to apologize. My laptop broke last month and I’ve been avoiding the internet like the plague. I haven’t checked my e-mail or my twitter and I have even stopped watching the news. The world could be ending and I would be the last to know. Life is much more enjoyable when I’m not glued to a computer screen or television. I do however enjoy playing the PS3 and watching a few DVD’s from time-to-time… hopefully, this will soon be replaced by reading more.

Things are continuing to go well. The rabbits are all with litters, the bees are putting away honey, the chickens are busy being chickens… and I’m enjoying all of it! We’ve finally gotten out of our “wet” spell and now the heat is starting in. Thankfully the tipi stays nice and cool. Little projects are getting done now that all the big ones are finished. I’ve got a cozy hammock hanging under some trees, a nice outdoor cook pit, and I made myself a small archery range. We built a deck off the front of the tipi to cover the “mote” we had to dig to combat the run-off from the rain. I’ve started collecting and splitting wood- this will be a continuous chore throughout the summer. The garden is doing well and the tomatoes are growing like weeds. I think everything will be ready to harvest just as winter begins to set. I’m looking forward to the canning season! I still need to bury some coolers for a make-shift root cellar and build my solar dehydrator. I’ve also been thinking of building a sweat lodge.

I bought a boat a while back and have been doing some fishing with Gene. Unfortunately the trim/tilt motor went out and it’s currently in the shop for repair… this is the reason I’m not out fishing and instead, sitting here typing this! We’ve had quite a few visitors over the Holiday weekend and I’ve enjoyed showing everyone what I’ve been up to these past few months (sorry you couldn’t make it Irma, I miss you!). Gene is busy repairing an old hot tub and hopefully it’s done soon… my muscles are sore.

There is a lot going on, too much in fact to write down here. I feel a breeze and the hammock is calling me… I’ll leave you with some pictures! Take care 🙂

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In Nebraska searching for babe

So here I am in the beautiful state of Nebraska visiting my favorite internet friends. I haven’t “gotten into any trouble”, like my Mother cautioned, but I did wind up twisting my ankle on the steps. I think I have my Mom’s same bad karma. Now I’m sitting here on the couch with an ankle the size of a melon… I dare not walk on it too much. My trip may consist of doing nothing but sitting… I would like to try to visit the zoo here, but I’m not sure if I will be walking in time 😦 Maybe I can find one of those fancy mobile scooters to rent. The weather here is about 20* warmer than Minnesota and it’s nice to go outside and not see piles of snow.

After many phone calls and various google searches, we managed to track down Robin (aka babe25); Kevin wasn’t much help but he was fun to talk too… HI KEVIN! We haven’t spoken to Robin since January 5, 2013 when she finally got “grounded for life.” I guess it’s a “Southern thang” to ground your 31 year old daughter. I remember our internet exploits fondly: the special hotdog and of course, the squirt pillow. Oh babe25… how I miss your toothless smile.

Victoria made an amazing pizza my first night here… home made dough and everything. Last night we had McDonalds and I got the worst fries I’ve ever tasted… I was quickly reminded why I hate fast food and I SWEAR I’m done eating that crap now. Tonight I make meatloaf; Gene’s favorite (sorry buddy I don’t think they will let me bring the leftovers on the plane). Well that’s it for now… hopefully I make it to that zoo!DSC_0051 DSC_0089 DSC_0097 DSC_0103 DSC_0111