I’m In School to Become a Funeral Director

Yes, you heard me right! I am in school to become a funeral director. A total 180. Or so one would think. In high school I studied to become an EMT and later was licensed by the state. I decided to let that license lapse because I had a really good job and was not using it at the time and was also having a hard time dealing with the “death” aspect of being an EMT. Having someone die in your arms is a powerful thing- thankfully, it never happened to me. I have saved a total of two lives in my career as an EMT, one girl from choking and another younger man from drowning. In 2007 I began my studies as a funeral director, only to give them up when my Grandmother died, and I returned to drinking. I never thought about becoming a funeral director again until last year when I met a man on the internet who was also a funeral director and he was kind enough to ask me a question: “what’s keeping you from going back to school?” I just realized you all are out of the loop on a few things:

1. The animals are gone. I gave the chickens and rabbits to the neighbors and I am not sure what ever happened to them. I think they wound up on someone’s plate.
2. I moved. I no longer live in the woods on my parent’s property. My Dad succumbed to his battle with cancer and I drank vodka and Bacardi the entire length of it. I could not deal with the turmoil. Mom had enough of my antics and kicked me off the property (rightly so) and I landed up in a treatment facility in the cities. I decided to stay.
3. I sold the tiny house. The tiny house was sold in October to a young couple and that is all I can say about that because they were rather quiet about their intentions. I will say the tiny house was well worth the investment and my Dad would have been impressed.
4. I am sober. I no longer drink alcohol and life is good to me. One day at a time!
5. I have a new job. I work as an intern at a funeral home in the cities and I love it!
6. I am in school. I just told you that above, so I am telling you again for some reason.
7. Rusty died. Rusty was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema and I had to have him put to sleep. I currently have two fish tanks. No other pets.

I hope this update finds you well. If you are an old friend or reader, please leave a comment below and let me know how you are doing. If you are new, WELCOME. COVID is real. I deal with it every day. Be safe and wear your mask. Hugs. SuperTramp.

P.S. You can always find me here: https://www.younow.com/SuperTramp_the_Mortician

2 thoughts on “I’m In School to Become a Funeral Director

  1. Wow! Thanks for the update. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, and I hope things are good with your mom now. It sounds like you are open to what comes at you, and you are doing what you need to to survive and move on with life. Oh, and I’m sorry about Rusty. CHF is a terrible thing for our little friends.

    I wish you well, my friend! Keep us informed. Forrest and I are doing well in avoiding Covid. And we are looking at retirement early next year… that ought to be an interesting change! But, change is good! I’ll check out your link.

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    • It’s so good to hear from you littlesundog! I was wondering about you. I’m so excited for your retirement… more time for adventures! I’m glad you and Forrest are surviving the COVID experience, I’m isolating except for work- which puts me right in the line of fire, but so far I have been absolutely safe. Take care and talk to you soon 🙂

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