My first Youtube Video!

Supertramps Tinyhouse Tour!

Please add, like and subscribe. And as always, ask questions. I’m interested in hearing what you guys would like to see me make videos about. Blogging on here has always been fun and I will continue to do so on an irregular basis. Spring is just around the corner and  that means the fun is going to begin, so expect more blog posts. Thanks for your continued support!

Live Simply and follow your dreams!






2 thoughts on “My first Youtube Video!

  1. was wonderin of total height and width then the weight do you need a 1 ton truck to tow?,and in height is 14ft clearance going to make under bridges.,and if you move what does veh rules on lightin of such a trailer?


  2. The total height is just under 13′ 6″ and is 102 inches in width. These are the maximum allowed clearance guidelines to drive legally on all US roads. There are just standard lights: tail lights, brake lights and turn signals on the trailer, the law does not require you to have anything else. We can’t weigh the house unless we go to a scale, but estimate it at about 8,000 pounds. It was towed with a 1/2 ton truck, but I would suggest a 3/4 or 1 ton if going long distances… it’s better on the trucks engine (which I hear is what happened to your truck, towing too much weight so the engine blew). The link for the trailer is here: It was modified with a heavier suspension and other design features specifically for tiny house use.


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