Getting Established

Well, the reason I haven’t updated for so long is quite simple. It’s been rather “boring,” so to speak. I feel like most of the time I’m doing things that aren’t that interesting, or I’ve already discussed them in previous posts.

I got some wood cut. Not all of it, but enough for now. I’m going to be running a small infrared electric heater in combination with my wood stove. There are going to be times when I will be gone for prolonged periods of time and it’s just not cool to let the place freeze. If I’m not there to put wood on the stove I will need a backup. Other than electric there is no other choice but propane… and somehow that doesn’t seem safe when I’m not around. So, despite my eagerness to be off-grid, this means I will have to pull some power from the main house. I just don’t have enough solar panels and batteries to run an electric heater at the moment. This is a great example of why I classify my self as a “self-sustaining enthusiast.” I strive to be as self-sustaining as possible; each day a new learning experience and way of doing things that brings me ever closer to self-sustainability, but still not “hard core” yet. I was telling someone the other day how hard this is… It’s a struggle to give up our modern conveniences, especially when they are 250ft. away. So an enthusiast I shall be, and I’m fine with that.

I’ve started settling myself in around “town.” It’s a 45 min trip from where I’m at and I don’t like going there. I’ve been taking care of some physical and mental health issues… both of which, had been put on the back burner because of the move. I’ve got a local Doctor and Dentist now. A therapist for all the things that still stress me out. The dogs have a groomer and Vet. I went today and got my eyes checked… turns out glasses are not an “option,” but a “requirement” now. I knew they were getting bad, I can’t read the on-screen guide or street signs anymore. Hopefully next week I will have a Chiropractor, stooping in the loft is hard on this creaky spine… and I’m only 39.

I’m all set for Mr. Frost and Mr. Snow. The lawnmower and boat are stored away with all those special things we do here02598655555555 in Minnesota to prep for winter. Seafoam is a must! The snowmobile needs an oil change, but that’s Dad’s job. The shovels and plows are ready at a moments notice, and the snow shoes have been dusted off. Snow suit is washed waterproofed. It’s that “lull time” on the lake, can’t get a boat out and the ice hasn’t set at all yet. The fish are safe for the moment.

I feel like I’m finally getting things caught up and taken care of. It’s time to start dreaming of spring. The garden, the bees, the chickens, the hammock. I hope it’s a mild winter, but all one can do is hope. Established.