Living Tiny & The First Fire (ooohhhh, aaaahhhh)

So I’ve been doing this “tinyhouse” thing for awhile now. I feel like I’m educated enough at this point to have some viable input on what it’s like to live in a tinyouse. So here is my take thus far.

First, it’s small. If you don’t like small spaces you’re better off somewhere else. Try living in one room of your house for two months and you will soon see. Every time I turn around the dog is in the way. I’m constantly moving object A,B,C,D to get to object E, then realize I need object A but, objects B,C and D have now just been put in front of it. It’s like a Circus of discord. But… you do get used to it. I’ve learned over these past few months how to deal with these frustrations.

Second, lofts suck. Up, down, up, down. Rusty, my dog, needs to be carried up at night and carried down in the morning. He’s fat (well husky at least). Myles was a one hand lift. Rusty needs to be “fireman” carried up and down from the loft. My upper arms are getting a workout and so are my legs. And here’s a kicker- middle of the night bathroom breaks! Do you understand how frustrating it is getting out of the cozy bed in the brisk midnight air and have to climb down from the loft so you can piss? Even worse, Rusty needs to piss too! It didn’t take me long doing this routine until I had the bright idea of getting a urinal. Problem solved. Except for Rusty.

Third, it can get b-o-a-r-I-n-g. Living in such a tiny space FORCES you to get out and do “something.” I’d like to tell you how outdoorsy I’ve become but, alas. Don’t get me wrong I do fish, ride the 4-wheeler, garden and hike. Just not as much as I should. Mostly because of the weather being too hot or too cold. I have a television in the tinyhouse but there is no cable or antenna yet so it’s a useless “wall ornament.” I get a weak internet signal in the loft where I can twitter or watch Netflix but, in the summer the loft is scorching during the day even with the windows open and the fans going. I need air conditioning! So most of the time I spend my days in the big house with Ma and Pa where the internet is strong, the television gets channels and the air is cooled.

Fourth, daily chores. Small spaces get dirty QUICK. Everyday I vacuum the loft and sweep the main floor. Next I have to empty the urinal and composting toilet “liquids” bottle. This is a nasty job and quite stinky too. If you don’t do it everyday the whole damn house will smell like piss. Then I do any dishes and empty the catch bucket under the sink. A light dusting. Then back up to the loft to make the bed. Normally this isn’t such a chore, but when your celling is only 4ft. high it’s a nightmare on your back and knees. It’s not much but, having to do these things daily gets to be a pain… literally.

Those are my biggest complaints. Yep, that’s it. Everything else is BEAUTIFUL. I pretty much knew about the things above before I signed up, having read blogs and spoken to so many people before going this route. I am living my dream and everyday I DO pinch myself to make sure I’m in reality. It’s quiet, peaceful and best of all… PAID FOR. Tinyhouse living allows me time to do the things in life that I choose to do. I will get a job this winter to keep busy and to build my savings back up. I won’t be constrained to my job like I was before, working only part time and doing things that I find enjoyable. I wont be worrying about creditors and debt collectors and I wont be busting my ass trying to stay afloat and ahead of the “game.”

I’ve been getting along splendidly with my parents. I’ve taken over all the yard duties for my Dad and help my Mom with house chores. It’s kind of cool actually- we’ve become quite the “tribe.” I look at other cultures and see this type of lifestyle a lot. The family unit all living together and helping each other out. I get land to live on and in return they get help keeping the place up. And it’s a big place. 32 acres of lakeshore property and a house with 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms plus an upstairs and downstairs living area. That’s a lot of vacuuming, scrubbing and dusting. So it’s not like I sit on my ass and watch t.v. and play on the internet all day.

I lit my first fire in the woodstove this morning. Which means that yes, I did finally get the stove hooked up. Everything worked the way it should, meaning I didn’t burn the place down. I’m surprised how little wood I had to use to warm it up. A few sticks the size of my thumb and a 12″ piece about the thickness of my wrist. This lasted almost 4 hours. I’m hoping I can get away with not having to use more than a few cords of wood this winter, which would be good being as how I’ve yet to split any. That’s next weeks project along with pulling the boats and dock out for the season. I didn’t build a deck yet but, I did fashion a fancier set of stairs that will get me by until spring. I added a few shutters to “fancy” up the façade and I put in a new table and some new décor. It has an amazing felling inside, very tranquil especially at night.

After spending some time grieving the loss of Myles, I’ve decided to take in another dog. I’m traveling to the cities on Monday to pick up a three year old rat terrier named Bella who is in need of a good home. She is tan and white in color and is supposed to be a “cuddler” and gets along well with other dogs. Hopefully everything works out and I’ll be posting pics of her next week.

Rusty and I took a walk along the beach this morning and he somehow lost his collar? Todays task is to try to find it. I may cut some wood (probably not… I’m a procrastinator ya know). I’m already working on my other “get er done” for the day (this update). I think maybe I will take out the camera and snap a few shots of the changing leaves. Other than that… it’s wide open. I’m living the tiny life. And man, life is good!

DSC_1451 DSC_1460 DSC_1463 DSC_1465 DSC_1466 DSC_1467 DSC_1472 DSC_1477 DSC_1478 DSC_1479 DSC_1480 DSC_1482

Just a quick tip for you herb gardeners out there. Instead of using twine and tying a bunch of knots to bundle your herbs for drying. Tie a bunch of clothes pins on a piece of string spaced about 8 inches apart. Clip your herbs into these and hang to dry. Now you aren’t tying knots constantly and wasting your twine 🙂

DSC_1489 DSC_1484

11 thoughts on “Living Tiny & The First Fire (ooohhhh, aaaahhhh)

  1. Everything looks GREAT! There are always going to be some cons along with the pros in any endeavor, but it sounds like you’re managing them just fine. Glad to hear you’re welcoming Bella into your home. I’m looking forward to photographs! 🙂


    • I bet you are! Rusty has “stepped up” so to speak… he has become more of a cuddler and has began following me everywhere (that was what Myles job); he used to be a loner. I’m feeling perplexed b/c I don’t know if he was just hanging in the background cuz Myles was “top dog” and now he is showing those traits? I hope this new dog will fit in and not impede on the progress Rusty has made. I have a TON of love to give…


    • I’m glad you approve Vic! I love you & that fucktwat Agent too. You guys have been the best friends the internet could have ever provided me! Who would have thought? Babe25 worked her magic on us like you wouldn’t believe. Out of all of us… you guys stuck. Whatever the case, we will meet up again soon! Miss you, love and emo kisses…


  2. well i can see that yep smaller place and crowed it will be ,as for tv can you run a cable from mas place to yours ? as for internet any foil or insulated walls between internet router will weakin your signal.,ya cleaning is a mustso for smell can you vent out above the potty? now for winter this i can say,stock up as youll still need to have 4-6 days of wood dry and splitcovered and in or outside ready as when -10 comes your going to still be burnin a do have it insulated but the days your sick your going to have to have large back up.,water lines will get frozen . i say you have a nice wood stove now to consider the mess of cleaning out and remove ashes,clear the pipe weekly is a idea.ventalition in side will be a must as anything against the wall will conisate and mold later, in -20 your doors and windows will frost up bad allowing water inside sills.snow is going to be a factor,add shovling and path,and roof to be cleared.if it snows this year it will be medium i think as last year was nill none as i heard its in 3 year cycles mate as well vehicle plow with your dads panels will have to be clear all the time,be carefull not to scrap they crack easy.
    sorry about myles ,raspberry had to be put down too a tumor in stomoch linda said oct 1st.she gone too.well hawaii is easy just wind storms we have .i have my daily chores and drive 22 miles to town,with now a cat yelloow tabby 5rs a cuddler. later


    • I’m so sorry about Raz Gene. I know this must have been as tough on you as Myles was on me. She was such a good dog and I enjoyed watching her chase after you on the wheeler. Even when I didn’t want to go outside with you, Raz always did. And she got to enjoy those wonderful steaks and the potroast leftovers. Thanks for your imput, I will do my best. This winter will be a good test. I have my parents house to move into if all doesn’t go well. Yep, them solar panels will become a chore in the winter- I will have to keep them clear or NO POWER! I’m hoping the same as you, this winter will be mild. It’s still nice and warm during the days and we are into Oct hopefully Thanksgiving turkey can be deepfried this year without a snowsuit on!!!! I’m thinking about running a cable across, but I’m not sure if we will have the same problems we did at your place- remember when we tried that? I may just call and have it hooked up separate. I learned the “art” of woodstoves at Judys place last winter so I sort of know what to expect- this is a different stove and a different house, but I’ll learn it. By next winter I’ll be a pro. Hope you are enjoying your sun (asshole LOL) and not shoveling this year!


  3. Looks so neat and cozy! Lately I’ve been obsessed over tiny houses. I spend hours pouring over pictures and watching you tube videos. I’d love to have smaller, more efficient house someday. I probably couldn’t go as tiny as what you have since I have my husband and 2 of my kids still living with me, but I’d love to downsize to a small cabin type home. Hopefully one of these days We can make it happen.

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