At 12:00p.m. today my dog Myles passed away in my arms. He is greatly missed. Myles has been there with me through some of the best and worst times in my life. He was always so happy and loving. He was always by my side. He loved to sit on my lap when we rode the 4-wheeler. When I was sick, he would spend the entire day in bed with me, even skipping his own meals. He always looked me in the eyes and cocked his head whenever I spoke. He was a good listener. He loved to chase and be chased.Β If I had a dollar for every person who threatened to “steal him in their purse,” I’d be a very rich man. I feel so lucky that he came into my life and was able to share with me all these great adventures. Our souls will always be joined. We had one hell of a good ride together buddy! I love you and miss you.

Myles leaves behind a doggy brother, Rusty and a doggy Uncle, Tucker. My parents, who referred to him as their “granddog”Β & many others who were blessed enough to have known him.

Special thanks to all my family and friends who are helping me through this very difficult time in my life.


15 thoughts on “Myles

  1. Oh my gosh Aaron!!!! I am sooooo sorry for your loss. I know how you feel as we lost Peaches last year. Those furry babies mean the world to us and it’s so difficult to go on with life without them. That was the worst pain I ever went through. Just remember Myles is with you in spirit and cherish his memories. Love you tons buddy. RIP Myles

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    • Thank you for your kind words. It is going to be tough getting through this. EVERYTHING around me reminds me of him because he was always involved in all I did. Filling the hole he left will be tough. Thankfully I still have Rusty around to help comfort me. Love and miss you tons too. You should consider coming up for a visit next summer πŸ™‚


      • Not gonna lie it is gonna be tough. I had a hard time last year and had many breakdowns. You will never forget him but as time goes on, it gets a little easier to cope. Its good you do have Rusty to help you out. We got another doggie after one month n half. I wasn’t ready but Louie felt we needed to get another one. It was overall a good idea and it did help out little by little. Hopefully I do go up there for a visit next summer. 😘

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      • Yeah, I plan on finding a new companion in the near future. Rusty and I both could use one. I guess my Dad was out looking at the humane society the other day… he’s pretty shook up too. That says a lot. I haven’t seen my Dad cry before- that tells you how special Myles was. I remember when Myles and Peaches were Facebook buddies πŸ™‚ You are always welcome to visit… we have 3 spare rooms in the main house,


    • Thank you. It’s going to be a rough road getting through this. I’ve lost pets before, but never one that touched my heart this deeply. Myles was truly a great little man. His crooked smile always made everyone laugh and it helped warm his way into their hearts.

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  2. Aaron , I’m so sorry for your loss. We loved when you and Myles would come to the Halloween Parties at Linda’s house. And he had a friend when he came to the party, my brothers girl dog . They would play together the whole time. We will miss him so much. Linda is moving out of that house so no more Halloween parties anymore either. We really miss you .

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    • Myles always loved those parties. If it wasn’t for you, Linda and Tina I never would have had the experience of knowing him. I remember the first night I got him at Lindas he cuddled in the crook of my arm as we slept on the inflatable mattress, or how cute it was watching Him chase Chris all over the yard. Thank you for always letting me bring him along. I’ve had a lot of great memories at Lindas, it’s a shame she is moving. I miss all of you and hope that things are going well. I’m in the cities till Saturday, depending on how I manage my grief I may call to see if you ladies want to get a bite to eat.


    • Thanks Amy. I’m so glad that I have Rust here to help with my grief. He’s been a very good companion to Myles and me. They complimented each others personalities so well. Eventually I will find him another companion… I can tell he misses Myles too.


  3. Oh Aaron, I’m so sorry to hear about sweet Myles. That darling little overbite, lap lover little pup. You’ll meet him at the bridge on the other side. Love you!

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