Construction Begins!

After a one month delay waiting for the trailer arrive from the manufacturer, construction has finally started. Yesterday I went with my builder Doug Dobson, to pick up the trailer. It was the first time I’ve ever pulled anything besides a boat behind my truck and it took a bit of getting used to. The trailer actually added a bit more stability to my pickup and I suggest Ford starts adding trailers to all their vehicles. If you recall from the previous post, the tiny home was scheduled to be completed by the end of next week. I’m still optimistic that we will be able to have things caught up and I will be able to move to my new place in mid June. Everyone cross their fingers!

Last week Doug and I took a trip to town to procure most of the materials. It was fun picking out the cedar tongue and groove boards for the interior, the wood flooring, windows and my front door. So many choices, colors, textures, shapes, patterns, sizes so many different options… my head is spinning. I’m beside myself just thinking about what I’m going to do for curtains. There have been many a sleepless night laying in bed… dreaming. It’s finally here and time to get to work!

Bright and early today I took the 4-wheeler and camera over to Doug’s and he was already out and getting things set up. I was impressed at his enthusiasm on our little project. Within a matter of hours we had already completed most of the subfloor. Doug had to run to the lumber yard to get the oak boards for the loft floor, so I decided to take the opportunity to update the blog. I know, it took long enough. I finally have something worth merit to start writing about… are you excited? I am.

Tomorrow I’m driving to my parents property and will decide on the final resting place of my tiny home. Hopefully everyone can come to an agreement on it’s placement. I need a nice clear view of the sun to power my solar panels and a clearing big enough, so as not interfere with the wind that will power the wind generator. I also need to be close enough to the house to run a hose for my water supply. All this and yet not impede on my parents. It’s not going to be tucked away in the woods like I’d hoped, but rater on the side lot overlooking the lake.

If you are considering building a tiny home in the future, or live in one now please don’t hesitate to contact me. Doug is hoping that by building this tiny home for me, more opportunities for this type of construction will come his way. His information and other useful resources for those that are interested can be found here:

As a side note: I’ recovering from a broken elbow at the moment and have “a gimp arm” as Doug calls it. I’m NOT in a cast and can use my arm in a limited fashion so long as I don’t bump it. Isn’t it funny how these things happen when it’s most inopportune? And to all you smart asses out there who know me… YES I’m accident prone. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Day #1 of construction. Pulled trailer in garage so we weren’t in the sun. We began by removing every other board on the bed of the trailer to help lighten the end weight and because they aren’t needed for support. The sub floor is then built on top of the remaining boards in 3 separate sections that will be joined together once we install a layer of metal flashing (under the sub floor and on top of the existing trailer bed boards) to protect the subfloor from beneath. Next we will cut insulation to fit between the 2×4’s and finish by laying down plywood sheeting. The trailer is a 8×20 straight deck “Buggy Hauler”, custom built for tiny homes by PJ Trailers in Sumner, TX. DSC_1069 . DSC_1071 DSC_1074 DSC_1075 DSC_1076 DSC_1077 DSC_1078 DSC_1079DSC_1085

10 thoughts on “Construction Begins!

  1. Hi there, my girlfriend and I just commited to building a tiny house of our own. We went a different route due to lack of skills. We bought a Tumbleweed Amish Barn raiser, if you don’t know what that is check out our blog! I just started using wordpress so our blog isn’t anything fancy yet but I decided it would be a great idea to start looking at other people with Tiny House Blogs and fallowing them. Super pumped to see you starting from scratch, looking forward to seeing more!


    • Hi! It’s nice to meet you. One of the coolest things about the internet and blogging in general, is that you get to meet some amazing people who share similar ideas. I look forward to following your progress. I had originally planned on building this myself and it was in my “5 year plan”, obviously things changed. I was lucky enough to have made friends with a carpenter who was willing to take on the challenge and motivated me to do this adventure a lot sooner than planned. What an adventure this will be for the both of us! Best of luck to both of you.


  2. things id be thinking one .the under side water poof and wireing from elemnts mice in summer possible gettin in and some thing to look at.and mount the frame work to trailer frame so it cant come off or be loose while windows in front as objects will possible break glass while traveling .or some protecting .60mph reacts havoc .aero dinamices to think of.


    • The underside is sheeted with metal flashing, it’s waterproof and rodent proof- I’d like to see a mouse jump 2 feet in the air and chew through metal flashing… that would be a first! The studs for the subfloor are bolted to the outside of the trailer and there are lag bolts all along the bottom framing securing it to the trailer, there is also angle iron in various places helping secure everything. I will have two windows in front and I’m not concerned about them breaking as they will be protected during travel. We are going to move the house early in the morning to avoid traffic and will be taking back roads. Doug brought this up in January and has been thinking about it since and Doug knows what he’s doing… he’s built Million dollar homes and he is a fantastic carpenter. I’ve spent countless hours researching: reading books, reading blogs, watching youtube videos, talking to tiny home owners and other tiny home builders (If you remember this was my 5 year plan to begin with, the tipi was just a stepping stone). We know what we are doing, don’t worry there are hundreds if not thousands of people that have built/bought tiny homes- I’ve not heard a single complaint. If you google “tiny home” you will see just how much information is out there… there are even shows on t.v. and Netflix about it now! Doug is so enthusiastic about the project he’s working through the weekend (a Holliday weekend even). I guarantee anything you can think of, we have already had that thought and have taken the proper steps to make sure everything is kosher.


  3. also wiring for trailer rules of where and color of lights turn and brake,running lights,side markers ,also hieght requirements for bridges


    • The trailer is already wired from the factory where it was custom made for the purpose of building a tiny home on it (7 pin plug). It even has a breaking system and heavy duty axels. And yes, we are aware of the height requirements 13’6″ is the legal limit on height for any trailer.


      • okay then ROAD TEST i see you have it on blocks now,im wonder when you remove them what happens.weight im thinkin well all see i guess.


      • Yeah, we took it off the blocks a few times during construction to see if the trailer would squat. The trailer is rated for 10,000 lbs. but we are still under 5,000. Nothing shifted or went out of plum.


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