Anyone want to buy a tipi?

Well spring is here and things are moving along. I’m currently having coffee with my “builder” and discussing the construction of my new tiny home. The way things are going, I should have my new home built and ready to move into by June. WOW I can’t believe this is finally happening. Exciting times!

Stay tuned!!!!

8 thoughts on “Anyone want to buy a tipi?

  1. I hope you’ll be documenting the build all along the way! This is indeed exciting. I wish we weren’t so far away… a tipi would be right up our alley what with us living in Native American land here in Oklahoma!


  2. well now your talkin tiny home good,while at it make strong enough to travel siding and windows and roof ing so when towed itll stay together,as for electric go solar panels ,inverter,batterys 4 and 4 should do it ,all electric 12 volt,and only 120 volt with option to plug in where you goyoull need to put on double axle with 1 ton tires,and jackes to level where you panels can go inside while travel then park and bring out, plug inas they can be 120.0 apeice i found 102.00 each for 110.watt[ on line] missouri in front heavy plexi glass.hight is also a condition as 14 ft is limit hate to see you going down the road taking power lines can go as far to make it float. later


  3. Always was talking tiny home, the tipi was the 1st step. I just didn’t expect on this happening so fast. Don’t worry about the details… I have a professional building it for me- both the house and the custom trailer. It’s only 13’6” and it’s road legal. I’m keeping the power simple with only my inverter and a plug in. I will mostly be using candles, lanterns and battery led lighting. No T.V. I can just watch movies on my computer and charge the battery off my parents power. No plumbing either, but it will be hooked to a garden hose for water in the sink and a bucket under for grey water- just like in the tipi. Composting toilet of course. And propane stove and fridge. Heated by both a wood stove and a propane heater for back up.


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