The long winter begins

Ahhhhhh. Winter is finally here. I’ve managed to get all my wood cut for the season and at the rate I’m burning… I should wind up with more than enough to get me through the winter. Right now we just have a few inches of snow covering everything and are expected to have fairly warm weather these next few days (mid 30’s to 40’s). We had a few days where the mercury level was in the negative. Yes, I expect it will get much worse.

The rabbits and chickens are doing fine in the new coop I built, staying fairly warm with just one 250W heat lamp. I still have to change out frozen water bottles everyday. The dogs and I are staying very warm in the cabin with just the woodstove. It took some time but I’ve finally figured out how to get maximum heat and an extended burn out of it… it was a learning experience.

My biggest complaint right now is boredom. It gets a little “cabin feverish” up here. I’ve been keeping busy reading, knitting, riding the 4-wheeler, hunting (NO I did not get my deer this year, but the neighbor did! I had my first venison loin and I even ate heart for the first time!), ice fishing, trapping raccoons, visiting with neighbors and family and eating. I’m going to attempt to learn a few things this winter including how to knit socks with a loom and how to make nets. Keeping busy is the key.

I can let the cat out of the bag now as far as next summer is concerned. I will be moving onto my parents property which is located on a lake in Northern Minnesota. My Mom is extremely excited and can’t wait to start gardening with her son. My Dad is also happy, as he now has someone to mow the lawn and help out with other projects. I will be setting up the tipi on the property and living in it while I construct a tiny home (just google “tiny home” if you are unfamiliar), which will eventually become my permanent residence. I hope to have the tiny home finished by fall so I can move in before winter, otherwise I will just move to the house as I’ve pretty much given up on staying in the tipi over the winter- I’m too old for the cold LOL. It’s going to be quite the adventure and there will be A LOT to accomplish. I am very excited. This is eventually where I wanted to end up, I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I have stability here and I know that the time I put into these projects will not be in vain. It’s time for me to work on some long term plans and goals. Expect to see this blog very active beginning in spring 🙂


Well, that’s all for now. I hope everyone got their fill of turkey and has a wonderful Holliday season. Stay warm!