In Nebraska searching for babe

So here I am in the beautiful state of Nebraska visiting my favorite internet friends. I haven’t “gotten into any trouble”, like my Mother cautioned, but I did wind up twisting my ankle on the steps. I think I have my Mom’s same bad karma. Now I’m sitting here on the couch with an ankle the size of a melon… I dare not walk on it too much. My trip may consist of doing nothing but sitting… I would like to try to visit the zoo here, but I’m not sure if I will be walking in time 😦 Maybe I can find one of those fancy mobile scooters to rent. The weather here is about 20* warmer than Minnesota and it’s nice to go outside and not see piles of snow.

After many phone calls and various google searches, we managed to track down Robin (aka babe25); Kevin wasn’t much help but he was fun to talk too… HI KEVIN! We haven’t spoken to Robin since January 5, 2013 when she finally got “grounded for life.” I guess it’s a “Southern thang” to ground your 31 year old daughter. I remember our internet exploits fondly: the special hotdog and of course, the squirt pillow. Oh babe25… how I miss your toothless smile.

Victoria made an amazing pizza my first night here… home made dough and everything. Last night we had McDonalds and I got the worst fries I’ve ever tasted… I was quickly reminded why I hate fast food and I SWEAR I’m done eating that crap now. Tonight I make meatloaf; Gene’s favorite (sorry buddy I don’t think they will let me bring the leftovers on the plane). Well that’s it for now… hopefully I make it to that zoo!DSC_0051 DSC_0089 DSC_0097 DSC_0103 DSC_0111

3 thoughts on “In Nebraska searching for babe

  1. oh man you twisted your ankle well it seems your going to have to [ice it’heat rub it,,crutches,and pain killers] you took pics of a lake,or is it flooding rivers,or the only fishing hole in neb. or is it the bath house in summer?dont worry minn will send down 450,000 barrels of water to a hour. as our river is now rising!!!!


    • The first day I got here we went down to the lake, I’m not sure if there were any fish in it… some Canadian Geese were the only wildlife! Notice there is NO SNOW OR ICE! Yeah, my ankle is pretty banged up… may be off my feet for a bit.


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