Tipi poles arrive… and more!

And excitement filled the air as the semi carrying 15 27′ tipi poles came roaring up the drive to the cabin. FINALLY the moment I’ve waited for has arrived! With this also comes some more work- I’ve got to get these things cleaned up and coated with polyurethane. It’s a good thing we took out the old furnace and wood burning stove, they take up quite a bit of room! After I get them all ready for summer we will put them under the crawlspace in the cabin. I was fine just putting them in the shed, but Gene insisted that they should come inside… he’s so thoughtful and I’m not sure many people would be so willing to have this sitting in the way (thanks Gene!)


There were also a few more deliveries to note: my stove and on-demand hot water heater also arrived!


And to keep up with the happy mood of this post… we finished installing the new furnace in the cabin! Talk about a great week… the new furnace was installed just in time and has kept the nasty cold weather outside where it belongs- this new furnace runs like a dream, is whisper quiet and has no trouble keeping us toasty warm… best of all… no more worrying about loading the wood stove.


Today we went to town and did some shopping… that’s always a 5-6 hour adventure. This weekend I’m heading over to my parents to do some ice fishing with my cousin… I hear we are going to be having a heatwave 🙂 Next weeks scheduled activities include butchering the last litter rabbits… hopefully the weather will cooperate as I’m not a fan of butchering in the cold. I’m not going to re-breed again until March because it is an absolute headache having to clean cages in the cold and when I have a rabbit with a litter it’s an “every week” chore due to the large amounts of poop from the babies. When they don’t have litters it’s quite possible to go 2-3 weeks without having to clean them. I’ve decided that in the summer I will build a lean to next to the barn with an open pit under the cages to make cleaning more advantageous. Right now they have litter pans under the cages and that’s just a pain to have to remove and clean all the time, especially in the cold.

I’m also in the process of reaching out to a fellow blogger who lives in a tipi in Canada. He started living in his tipi last October (great timing Connor!) and I’ve learned quite a few things by reading his blog. I’ve got a ton of questions for him and hopefully he can help steer me in the right direction and avoid some of the complications that he has encountered. If you are curious to see what he’s been going through you can check out his blog at: http://connor.ghostify.io/

Hopefully everyone stayed warm this past week and hopefully the worst is over… doubtful. Take care and talk to you soon 🙂

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