Adios Mr. Debt Collector

Well it’s finally over… the house is sold and the new tipi is on it’s way! I can’t believe that this “chapter” in my life is over. No more calls from the bank threatening to take my house; a clean credit history and some cash in the “bank” incase I need to call on “plan B”. Owning a house has been the greatest gift and my greatest burden. I’ve struggled for the past 7 years to keep from losing everything… I’ve lost sleep and taken some serious medication to fight the stress. On a happy note, the new owner said she plans on raising chickens! Whoot, whoot!

I was lured into the “great American debt scheme” the second the bank found out that I had equity in a home. I made the mistake of taking out a line of credit on the house when I first inherited it… biggest mistake of my life… I will never listen to a banker again! Of course this all happened right before the “Great Recession”, which I could never seem to pull myself out of… even with a good paying job. It amazes me how deep into debt one can sink… especially with all the crafty ways the credit companies have devised to keep you a slave. They don’t like it when you do finally pay off that debt and they are quick to attempt to lure you back in… they even charged me a $25 “settlement fee” for paying off and closing the account. You should see how hard the bank is working to try to keep me from withdrawing my money πŸ™‚ They are pretty much having the equivalent of a six year old temper tantrum… “Well sir we understand that it is your money, but you should consider investing it” and they even made the statement “we will need to report this to the IRS.” Nothing like having big brother keeping track of YOUR MONEY and how you chose to spend it. Personally it’s none of their damn business and that is exactly the reason I don’t want it in the hands of the bank… Sorry I don’t mean to sound like a weirdo, but I like my privacy… which is why I don’t use Facebook anymore.

So life goes on in the Northland. We finally have some warm days where we can take the snowmobile out… it gets depressing sitting inside hiding from the bitter cold. Netfix can only do so much to cure boredom… I’ve already seen damn near every movie they have. My fingers are sore from crocheting and playing the guitar… thankfully the lakes are almost frozen enough for some ice fishing; change of pace. I’m no fool and understand that times in the tipi next winter will be tough… I’m sure I will have days where I’m severely depressed and may even question my decision… but I’m not going to give up until I have at least tried it. Were I to listen to my friends, I wouldn’t be here right now… I’d still be struggling with house payments, working at a stressful job and sliding deeper into debt.

On a different note, Gene has decided that heating with wood is just too damn much work so he is installing a new propane heater (bigger version) along with electric baseboard heating that is tied to an “off-peak” meter, which gives us a discounted rate. The problem with the cabin is that it’s just too damn big to efficiently heat with wood- now my tipi on the other hand, will be a great candidate. All this tipi talk is getting me excited again… COME ON SPRING!

Well that’s enough of an update for now… I need to go check on the chickens and let these dogs out. Stay warm and drive safe!

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