Let it SNOW!

Wow! We just got a TON of snow… like waist deep. Snow is much prettier up here in the North-land let me tell you. I used my new Polaris 500 to plow the driveway and it works like a dream, much better than a snow blower… much funner too. Gene took the photo above last week when we were out on one of our “adventures.” We’ve been having a lot of “adventures” lately. 4-weelin late at night is the best… you wouldn’t believe how cool the trails are at night. The trees creep in from both sides and the smell of pine needles fills the air. I keep waiting for a bear or some other sort of wild animal to jump out in front of us and maul Gene. Tonight we took an adventure on the new snowmobile. The trails are not groomed yet and this sled cut through the waist high snow like a beast. I told Gene that I just wanted to go for a short ride, like an hour or so… 4 hours later we arrived back at the cabin 🙂 I’m not a fan of the heated seats as all the snow melts and soaks into my snow pants… nothing worse than having a wet butt.

Projects at the cabin also continue. I put in slate tiles around the fireplace and started tiling the kitchen back-splash. I also installed a few electric heaters to supplement the wood stove on these cold Minnesota nights. We’ve still to tackle the kitchen floor… Genes “to do” list never seems to end. That’s okay because it keeps me busy- sometimes too busy.

I created the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/returntothewild. I haven’t posted any videos yet, but I did add some videos to my playlists. Like I’ve said before, most of what I learn comes from either Google or YouTube so I linked some videos that I’ve found helpful in the past. At some point I will put up some of my own videos- first I need to get a better camera (I’m thinking a go pro).

I made a trip to the cities over the weekend. It was very stressful and I will say I’m not a fan of my Mothers driving, especially when it’s snowing. I asked her to please not pass the plow… she didn’t listen. I was in a pretty traumatic roll-over when I was in my “teens.” I don’t talk about it much, but I witnessed my friend sitting in front of me go out the open window as the car rolled… he popped out the window and then right back in. Miraculously no one was severely injured. I had blood all over my shirt and changed at a friends house before I went home in an attempt to hide the accident from my parents… it didn’t work because the parents of the kid who was driving called to make sure that I was okay. Long story short… I still freak out in cars. I just keep it to myself and I’m pretty sure nobody knows that I have this fear of flipping over every time I’m driving with someone. The drive with Mom gave me some pretty white knuckles!

Next Friday is the closing on the house… can you tell I’m excited… except for the fact that I have to drive to the cities for the closing. I can’t wait to close that chapter in my life. It has been a struggle owning a house… even with two roommates and a good paying job. I’m not sure how people do it- well… scratch that… I know how. It’s called credit. The biggest thing about selling the house is that I will no longer be in debt and there is now nothing “material” wise that creditors can threaten to take from me. If I can’t pay for something with the cash in my pocket then tough. Credit in my opinion, will be the downfall of this country. Wait till those Government backed student loans start to go into default. I would rather live in a tipi in the woods growing my own food, than slave away at some job sliding deeper into debt. I believe with all my heart that a storm is brewing… a paradigm shift that is going to cause some serious chaos. I want to be as far away from large groups of people as possible. If I’m wrong and things continue to trudge along… I’m still in a much better place. Okay, enough of that.

I haven’t heard any word from Christopher. I’m not sure I want to know… sometimes not knowing is better. I did find out a few more things that he wasn’t being honest about and it only strengthened my belief that I did the right thing in asking him to leave. I think a few of my friends are worried that I will wind up a “lonely hermit” out here in the middle of nowhere- rest assured that will not happen. I may not find another partner anytime soon, but I”m totally fine with that. I have Gene, the dogs, the rabbits, the chickens and a duck- you are never really alone when you think about it. I’ve even made a few new local friends and have been invited to try spear fishing. Also, a couple that has a cabin near by wants to go sledding with us next week.

The animals are doing well. A few weeks ago I noticed that one of the rabbit kits hadn’t opened it’s eyes yet. I could barely tell where the eyelids were supposed to be and it seemed like they were fused shut. I felt the lids with my fingers and could tell that there were no eyes that had developed behind them. I’m not sure what caused this; just a fluke or something worse. I was pretty saddened by this discovery and I’m not sure how I will handle butchering this poor creature. Other than the fact that it was born blind, I don’t see any other health issues with it and, despite it’s disability, is eating and drinking just fine. It even get’s inside the feeder and pushes the other rabbits aside. Mother Earths creatures are amazing some times.

Well, enough for now. Someone should ask me some questions… I like questions 🙂 I will leave you with this cute picture of Gene with his dog Shay. They like to cuddle!

"Dogs Best Friend"

“Dogs Best Friend”

2 thoughts on “Let it SNOW!

  1. Hi Aaron!!!!
    I just get so excited to read your new postings!!!! I love your updates!!! Sounds like things are going well for you up there. A question….how is the place where your keeping the animals? Meaning is it warm enough for them? Also I can’t wait for videos!!!!! Yay!!! It also sounds like your keeping busy up there!!! Miss you!!


  2. Glad to hear everything is going so well up there. Sounds like you have you hands full with all the critters up there. 4-wheeling is a blast. I used to belong to a club down in Mankato and yes… driving at night is the best. I am gonna subscribe to your youtube channel just so I can continue to be jealous of you doing what I have ALWAYS wanted to do.

    Now for a question.

    So I have been wondering. Your closing on the house so you will get some $$$ from that.. and I am sure you have some savings or something… but when those things run out… How do you plan to buy things? Barter? Trade?…… lol, late night black ops missions..? Just curious….


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