I’ve been holding off on updating the blog… just to make sure that I’m secure in saying this. Christopher and I have decided to part ways. I know this may be a bit of a shock to some of you… I sort of saw it coming. All that I am going to say publicly about the situation is that honesty is the key to any relationship, and there were some honesty issues. I wanted to make sure that the decision was final before I updated the blog. It is what it is!

Now that I’ve stated that… I’m doing fine and I intend to continue with my original plan and will continue to document my adventures on this blog. Christopher left with his dad a few days ago and I’m not sure where his travels will take him… I wish him well.

The sale of the house is going according to schedule and I’m looking forward to closing out my final ties to city life. The woods are filled with blaze orange and echos of gunshots… hunting season has arrived. I’ve started to plan the summer garden and will be ordering the seeds from a wonderful company: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( They have a catalog that will blow your mind! The garden will certainly be a sight to see and will be filled with interesting and unusual varieties. I busted out the crochet and whipped up a few dishcloths to get my fingers back into the rhythm… kind of like riding a bike. Maybe Mom will finally get her shall that she’s been waiting 2 Christmas’s for (I have no excuse for not having the time now). Well… I think this is enough for now, I’ll let you all digest the situation as I’m sure you probably need it. Thanks for following!

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