It’s been a loooong week, but we did it! We made the big move last Friday. Seven chickens stuffed in cardboard boxes and loaded into the back of a pickup truck. Velveeta the duck got special treatment and was able to ride shotgun in a doggie carrier. What an exercise it was trying to wrangle the chickens. Once they figured out what I was up to, they made every effort to escape my wrangling.

We’ve been busy settling in this week. We spent Saturday and Sunday butchering the rabbits. To my surprise, the rabbit was tastier than I expected it to be. My favorite part are the back loins- nom nom. Christopher wanted to see what the meat tasted like on it’s own so he just baked the rabbit with a little salt and pepper- he is now considering more creative ways of serving this dish. Once the rabbitry is in full swing we will be eating mostly rabbit with the occasional chicken here and there (not the layers, they are safe- we will be adding more birds to the flock this spring; a rooster also).

photo 2photo 4photo 3 (2)rabbit dinner

The mornings have been a bit chilly, we often wake to find a light dusting of snow on the ground. It’s still warm enough to consider this “pretty.” We’ve been helping our new roommate out a lot. He has tons of work to do inside his cabin. If you think cabins are pretty, you should see what they look like when 3 gay men live in them… F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Christopher is chomping at the bit to start decorating for Christmas- Norman Rockwell would be impressed.

The animals have all adjusted to their new environment. We spent today insulating the new barn and getting it ready for those *50 below nights! I still have to hook up the automatic watering system for the rabbits and there are a few gaps that need spay foam insulation. We have power running to the barn from the house and hopefully next year it will be running off of solar.

This next week we are scheduled to start splitting the remainder of the firewood and installing tile floor in the cabin kitchen and a new wood floor in the dining area. I still have to unpack my crochet and knitting supplies- I’m waiting for the “deep freeze” before I start on any of these projects because there is still some stuff I can work on outside. I think I will be updating the blog about once a week- maybe more often if something important comes up. Mostly things are not going to be very interesting until spring when we start transitioning into tipi life. The house still hasn’t sold and it’s getting frustrating. It’s hard to completely detach from “city” life when I’m still connected by the pending sale of my home. If you know anyone looking for a nice house in a quiet neighborhood send them my way!

We miss all of our city friends… this is the hardest part about this whole “moving” thing. I find myself thinking of my old job and wondering if all is well… I still feel deeply connected to my old “team” and miss yelling at them 🙂 Well that’s all for now… time to relax and enjoy this bath!

New Blog

Welcome to our new blog! Since we are not big fans of facebook (we value some semblance of privacy) and will be de-activating our accounts soon,  we’ve decided to create a blog so that friends and family can continue to follow us in our adventures. It’s going to take some time for us to figure out how to get the most out of wordpress so please be patient. We are making the big move “North” tomorrow so it may be a day or two until we update again… see you in the woods!